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May is National Cancer Research Month

button 1During May, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), which has 50,000 members, partners with research institutions, cancer centers and advocacy groups to raise awareness of the successes and advances being made for cancer patients through research.  All Wood Hudson Scientists are members of the AACR.  Cancer research is ongoing locally, nationally, and globally.  Thanks to new discoveries and advances being made through research, the American Association for Cancer Research estimates there are more than 16.9 million people in the United States, and many more worldwide, who are living with and surviving a cancer diagnosis.

As our late Wood Hudson Trustee, Janet Block Rosen, often said: “Without research there can be no progress; Without money there can be no research.”  As we reach the end of May, would you consider a donation to Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory in Memory of a loved one who lost their cancer battle or in Honor of a friend now fighting their battle with cancer? Thank you for your generosity.


Update on 40th year of the Undergraduate Research Education Program (UREP)

With the generous support of many donors and grants from The Josephine Schell Russell Charitable Trust, The R.C. Durr Foundation, and The CHEMED Foundation, the 40th year of the Wood Hudson Undergraduate Research Education Program is well underway.  In February, Kimberly Holland, a Mount St. Joseph University Junior, began her in-person research for what will become her Senior Capstone project (see next article). On May 23rd, eleven students from six universities began the 2022 summer UREP.  For the third year the program is being held virtually, as we await the arrival June 1st of a new Senior Staff Scientist who will assist in mentoring the students on site in the laboratory this fall.  The mentoring staff for the 2022 Virtual UREP includes Larry Douglass, M.D., Ronald Snyder, Ph.D., Diane Wilkening Gilb, M.S., and Julia Carter, Ph.D.  Other Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory Trustees and research collaborators will be giving guest lectures on their research during the 12 weeks of the summer program. As one student reports: “The collaboration among students outside the class is part of what made this experience so unique and valuable. One of the students made a group chat where we could ask each other questions, help each other find research papers, and get feedback before our presentations. The collaboration not only with the instructors but also among the students is unparalleled to any experience I've had before.”

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Meet UREP Student Kimberly Holland

kimberly My name is Kimberly Holland, and I am a chemistry student at Mount St Joseph University. Currently, I am working on my senior research project with Dr Carter and Dr Douglass at Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory. Next year, for my Capstone project, I will be writing a paper, creating a poster, and presenting on the research we are doing here. We are looking at the relationship between epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and cathepsin L in bladder cancer. I have learned a lot about immunohistochemistry, and I have gained real world laboratory experience that will benefit me in my future careers. Working in a lab is fun, and I get to do a lot independently. As a student, this has been a new, unique experience for me. Not only has this been a rich learning experience, but it has been a humbling experience as well. The research that is done at Wood Hudson is valuable and being a part of that has been very meaningful to me.


Flying Pig Marathon Raffle Sales Raise $6,025!!

Flying PigWood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory thanks all the donors who bought paper Flying Pig Raffle tickets or who bought Flying Pig Raffle tickets online or who made cash donations to the cause. We also thank the volunteers including our Newsletter Volunteers, Inge Sexton and Georgia Kinman, who were instrumental in encouraging others to purchase Flying Pig Raffle tickets. They were good saleswomen!! The Flying Pig Raffle ticket proceeds were matched by cash donations.  Thanks to all who made this fundraising event a success! Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory hopes to be an Official Flying Pig Charity again in 2023!


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